you can call me   \Silly Silky                                                                                         ®


After being nominated for best electronic album at the 2019 Korean Popular Music Awards for her album Damn Rules, singer-songwriter Yeseo began her career under the new name Silly Silky. she decided to make a fresh start in order to have more freedom of expression in her music and is an artist who writes, composes, and produces all of her own music. On January 4, 2024, the singer released her first mixtape, Silly but, Silky

“ Hi, friend. My name is Silly Silky. I was born when Yeseo sang Free Up. Maybe She was over. Free. Anyway who is Silly Silky? Addict, Childish, Toxic, Creative, And full of LOVE. And now I’m here with my bread new Attitude. Living my ‘SS-tasy’ To spread my ROMANCE. All over the world. I can be the Best of the Best. I can be the BADDEST. You ever seen. That’s me. ”

Silky but, Heroine®